A Blogger’s Prayer

You know that feeling when you’re done putting your rant into Rich Text Format and are about to hit “Publish” on your blog?  If the subject and your thoughts on it are worth reading about in the first place, you’re bound to be thinking: “Did I explain that well enough?” “Did I say TOO much?”  “Who’s going to want to read this anyway?” (if it’s more on a personal note) or “Hm… I wonder if any of the ‘big’ ones have blogged this yet.” (If it’s that hot piece of news you ran into).  Then you hit “Publish” and breathe a sigh of relief.  Feels good getting that out of your system, don’t it? Next thing you know – and I repeat, IF it’s a subject worth wasting 5 minutes of a reader’s time on and you had anything halfway fertile or creative to say about it – the comments start pouring in.

I, as most other writers and bloggers, have a tendency to get my foot stuck in my mouth. Ok, that’s not entirely true.  It’s close enough, but sounded nicer than the truth: I like calling people out. I am often unapologetically frank even (and sometimes only) when I know it’ll stir up some trouble.  I can’t even use the excuse that my mouth is faster than my tongue. If I’ve let it leave my mouth, be sure I’ve thought it through. I’m also very good with words and I know exactly what I’m saying.  So don’t let me get away with an “oops” and a slap on the wrist.  After some thought, I’ve realized that I’m like a little kid trying to get a reaction, any well argumented reaction. But enough about me. Whether it’s being brutally honest, getting one’s foot stuck in one’s mouth or just ranting on a subject one has a relative grasp over, bloggers do it all the time. Or, rather, any (in)decent blogger does.

This notion has brought me to the conclusion that bloggers need a little prayer to say before they sit down to pound away on the keyboard.  These words are of some sort of biblical origin and are entirely adequate for a blogger’s purpose: “Lord, help my words be gracious and tender today, for tomorrow I may have to eat them.”

That being said, I’m off to start pounding on that keyboard.  Stay tuned.

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