About Retrograde

Below you will find a generic defintion of the term retrograde.  This is not the definition we will be using in this blog.  I happen to have my own definition of the term,  life in general and just about anything else you can think of.  In my world, retrograde is the catalyst that moves us forward.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it actually means to move backward.  It does and it doesn’t.  Sometimes a backward glance can save your life, sometimes opposite is a step in the right direction and sometimes a look at history is all we have to go on to make a plan for the future.  And most often – a step back is exactly what it takes to see the big picture.

Here is where I take that step back.  This is where I rant and rave, say things I really do mean and things that just crossed my mind, where I curse and praise to high heaven.  This is where I go retrograde.

retro·grade (re′trə grād′)


1. moving or directed backward; retiring or retreating

2. inverse or reverse: said of order

3. going back or tending to go back to an earlier, esp. worse, condition; retrogressive

4. Obsolete opposed; contrary

1. Astron. moving in an orbit opposite to the usual orbital direction of similar celestial bodies, as opposite to the direction of the earth in its journey around the sun
2. Astrol. designating motion, real or apparent, on the celestial sphere in a direction from east to west

6. Music designating motion backward in a melody, specif. so as to begin with the last note and end with the first

intransitive verb

1. to go, or seem to go, backward
2. to become worse; decline; deteriorate; degenerate
3. Astron. to have a retrograde motion


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